The Adventure Begins!

I’ve always been really interested in blogging but have talked myself out of it due to “others won’t read my stuff“,  “I don’t have time“, or insert a number of other excuses here.  On October 30th I fell 10+ feet rock climbing onto my left heel which I originally thought led to a stress fracture. Long story short, I’ve been “held down” by my foot for the past month due to my own procrastination on not following up with doctors appointments when it turned out this could have been healed a while ago!

There were some activities and beautiful fall weather I missed out on because of my boot leg and as of today I got great news that the bone isn’t fractured at all but rather it’s just a case of plantar fasciitis. Although great news, this was a big “TJ, you idiot” moment when the whole reason I had plantar faciitis was due to me walking on my toe because I thought I had a fractured heal rather than seeing a specialist sooner to tell me the real deal. With some rehab type stretches and other slight adjustments I should be back to normal soon!

Thanksgiving weekend we had the pleasure of joining our good friends Adam and Katie at their church (Ethos) for the parent/child dedication for their precious new daughter, Lauren. During the service a lady spoke about 1000 Miles for Albania. She had done some missions work in Albania previously and God set it on her heart earlier this year to run 1000 miles during 2011 for Albania. Tons of awareness and funds for great causes have been raised and was such an encouraging ministry story.

Twice this year she has been booted up for stress fractures in her feet and that weekend she just had the second boot instance removed. God has interesting ways to tug you personally and that is what hit at home for me that day. I’m sitting there in my boot wanting to just run around as bad as can be (was extra gorgeous that Thanksgiving weekend) and she’s talking about how she’s persevering to run for a purpose. I felt locked down but wanting to run and run and run like Forest Gump right then. A related seed had been planted at a Halloween party a month prior but that day God set it on my heart that moving forward that each big endurance race I do needs to have a purpose. God was saying: “Slow down TJ, just listen to me” and I guess this time it took a month of being tied to a ball and chain boot to get me to finally listen.

I’ve had a sense of revitalization this afternoon knowing there is some hope with my feet in the near term. It’s going to be really easy to get 100% again and forget the past month’s lessons but I need to be intentional with this… maybe this was the spark for the blog. If I write it down and share it with others it helps make me stay accountable! These are the things I’d love for you to help hold me to:

  • Post anytime I know/encounter someone or something that would be of benefit/encouragement to others in all aspects of life
  • Pick a cause and support it during the training of each endurance race (hope to do an Olympic triathlon & full marathon in 2012 so get ready!)
  • Slow down… and just listen…

It’s time we all put down the crutches, take off the boot and just go for it! Post a comment to let me know what goals I can help keep you on track with!


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