Geocaching 101

Since we love sharing our passion for the great outdoors and adventures I wanted to draft a page to help out all our friends that we introduce geocaching to. To help clear things further and jump start your transformation from a muggle (non-geocacher) to a geocaching fanatic here are our person “getting started” tips on what, why and how to get started!

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is the high tech spin on the classic game of hide and go seek. People hide containers called “caches” where you then use a GPS device (such as your smartphone) to bring you to the special location to search for a hidden cache (treasure). Traditionally, it is a container of some sort and once found you write in the log book your name and the date. If applicable, you can also trade fun goodies! Following is a great 2-minute video that really helps explain on what is geocaching is in a more fun, visual way:

Why Would I Want to Geocache?

  • Who truly doesn’t love hunting buried treasure!
  • Takes you to extraordinary places that you may never know are there or go to on your own!
  • Gets you out of the house to enjoy nature in a brand new way with family and friends!

How to get started? 3 Easy steps!

  1. Create a FREE basic Account: Sign Up Here

    • I recommend a shorter name as you have to write this name on paper logs each time and many can be quite small to fit in a lengthy name (Ex: our name is ‘Geppies‘ based upon The Goonies merged with our last name)
  2. Download a smartphone app or buy a portable GPS
    • Android: We use and love the free c:geo app that you can find within the Google Play market
    • iPhone: Not as familiar here since we use androids but we’ve heard the free iPhone app is a good free starting point. For those friends that have quickly gotten hooked they mentioned the paid groundspeak app it the best for the iPhone.
  3. Identify nearby caches and go find them!

Tips & Tricks:

Following are a few additional items you’ll want to be aware of to help make things even better as you begin geocaching!

  • Types of Caches – Get familiar with the different types of caches. The most common types are Traditional, Virtual, and Earthcaches. We primarily only focus on tragical caches but reach more about all types here.
  • Trading – Many times you’ll see fun items in larger caches that are intended for trading. Free free to take some of the fun goodies but please ensure that you drop something off when you do take something.
  • Trackables – You may find items called Travel Bugs or Geocoins. Each Trackable is etched with a unique code that can be used to log its movements on as it travels from cache to cache. Instead of keeping Trackables, you instead take them with you with the intent of moving them to another cache you later find. Many trackables also have goals so you’re just a mean of transporation to help it on its journey. More Info
  • Highlight Beginner Caches – When searching for caches online you’ll see an option for “Highlight beginner caches” that you can enable. Beginner caches will then be highlighted in green in the search results designating they are recommended for new geocachers.

Thanks for reading my personal Geocaching getting started guide but for comprehensive details, I also recommend seeing’s 101 references here.

I’d love you to share your comments on other helpful points when getting started and check our profile for our latest finds here: Geppies

Profile for Geppies


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