Running For A Reason

TJ Gephart 2012 RockCreek River Gorge Trail RaceWhy? (The Short Story): During the fall of 2011 I was personally “locked down” by a boot on my left leg from an injury I had. On Thanksgiving weekend we visited a friends church and during the service a lady spoke about 1000 Miles for Albania where God set it on her heart to run 1000 miles during 2011 for Albania. Twice this year she has been booted up for stress fractures in her feet and that weekend she just had the second boot instance removed. During that service, God  impressed upon me that He gave me a healthy and active body for a purpose bigger than myself. That day it was decided that moving forward I had to have a cause/purpose for each big endurance race I do moving forward. (Read full version here)

The Reason

The other week, Becca and I’s dear friend, Natalie, visited us from Texas. Natalie is one of those very special people with gifts and passion as big as any. She shared with us that this fall she is going to sell everything and move to Haiti to not only teach children at a school but to join an organization called Transparency for Haiti. They are looking to help build back the devastated nation by teaching them to become self sustainable. During this time, the light bulb went off that THIS is the reason I’m running this year. Following are the 3 great projects our dear friend Natalie is personally working with:

DO Orphanage: Damabiah Orphelia is an orphanage where the children make handmade necklaces. The children love making the jewelry as an art project due to resources for art being almost non-existent. The handmade beads are made from pieces of magazines. Necklaces are brought back to the US and sold with proceeds going back to providing the children with food, water, and other supplies needed for the children at the orphanage. (More Details)

Drink Water: The orphanage often expresses a need for drinking water. Natalie has helped find a water dealer who would deliver water to the orphanage once a week at a rate of $50 (US) per truckload. Natalie is trying to get the project funded now so when she arrives in Haiti, they can begin deliveries immediately under her direction.

Food Garden: Natalie is also planning on helping develop new gardens in the community. By creating and teaching locals how to grow some of their own food this will empower the community to provide further for themselves.

How To Help?

1) Online: Transparency for Haiti’s Donation Page (Give Here)

2) Check: (Avoids 3% online fees) Please designate which project you would like to support and include mailing address, phone number, and email address to receive a tax deductible receipt. Mail checks and make them out to:
Corey Gifford / Transparency for Haiti
PO Box 3359
Westport, MA 02790

About Transparency for Haiti

Founded in 2010 after the catastrophic earthquake, Transparency for Haiti (TFH) is a nonprofit organization specifically created to support currently established organizations on the ground in Haiti. TFH partners with, volunteers for, and provides funding to those tirelessly working to initiate significant changes to aid the Haitian people and their country’s devastated infrastructure. TFH works with organizations whose focus is on long term solutions. TFH recognizes that rather than simply providing “aid” that creates reliance on international agencies, long lasting changes must take place that enable Haitians to sustain their own livelihoods and ultimately lead the way towards a brighter future for Haiti. More details here!


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